Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Emergency Services Department (ESD) is a front line service responsible to protect Ferronikeli property, to ensure continuity of production and to provide safe working environment for employees.

To ensure the execution of essential functions of department, ESD count six Units under her umbrella:

Slag Deposit Area

The aim of this project is the proper handling of electrical furnace slag, making sure the job is being done according to the project approved by the Government. 

Best efforts are being put in to turn Slag Deposit into green and friendly environment area: 

All 7 slopes are covered in 90% with soil and seeded grass

Until August 2015, 787 trees were planted.

Firefighter Services


Prevent the occurrence of fire

Reduce the risk of life and risk of damages caused by fire

Increase coordination and communication between all departments and ESD

Providing continuously trainings and updates for Fire-fighters staff

In 2015 we installed new fire extinguishing system in EF control rooms

27 new hydrants were added which easier the access of water all over the plant

Fire alarm system in Control room of Production

During 2015, we attend 7 severe fires outside Ferronikeli.

 We are proud to say that our firefighters saved all 7 houses and their families in Drenas Area.

Safety And Health Clinic

We are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all activities and technological process take place under highest level of safety performance and meeting international standards.

Aims of Safety and Clinic are:

- Decrease the cases of injuries to ZERO

- The control “day to day” of safety behavior of employees and contractors ensuring that safety regulations are respected and personal safety equipment’s are being used properly

- To increase employee awareness of emergency measures, by implementing a training program according to the needs and specifications for each unit in the plant, this year were 310 number of safety training (60% of the yearly plan)

First Aid Training was provided by our doctor to all employees. Injury at work ,Employee/contractor Safety violation.


Key objective of security are:

- Protecting the property and assets of Ferronikeli

- Reducing the stealing and attempt stealing of assets

- Ensuring the safety and security of staff, contractors and visitors

- Preventing and ensuring that no misuse will occur which might harm the interest of the company.