As part of heavy industry, we are fully aware that the operational impact in the environment around the plant. NewCo Ferronikeli continuously works towards preserving the environment. NewCo Ferronikeli is certified with ISO 14001 EMS standard in the year 2012 and in the 2015 is recertified for next three years (up to September 2018). This standard optimizes the environmental performances in accordance with the complete current legislation and regulations. 

NewCo Feronikeli by obtaining an integrated environmental permit, has set the conditions in detail about the operation of a specific plant regarding the use of raw and auxiliary materials and the final products, their proper and effective management, the threshold limit values for emissions in air, water, soil, noise, waste management, and threshold limit values that must be met in a certain deadline, as well as the improvement program.Since 30th October 2014 NewCoFerronikeli has obtained the “Integrated environmental permit –” from the Ministry of the Environment of Kosovo.

NewCo Ferronikeli joined the initiative “Let’s do it Kosovo”

NewCo Ferronikeli has joined the initiative “Let’s do it Kosovo” with an aim to increase the citizens’ awareness for the cleaner environment. The clean-up campaign, which is part of the “Let’s do it World” movement, has been organized to mark the Cleaning Day, 24th of May, for every year.

NewCo Ferronikeli contributed with its heavy machinery and team members and managed to clean eight locations of waste landfills, one being the biggest in Kosovo, identified for cleaning by the Directory of Public Services in Drenas and Ministry of Environment. The Minister of Environment and Spatial planning Mr. Fehmi Agani was present during NewCo Ferronikeli activity jointly with the leaders of “Let’s Do It Kosovo”.


Due to our commitment, we have recently built the sedimentation pool and oil separator, in order to treat atmospheric waters.

We have put the entire system in place to protect the quality of water.


NewCo Ferronikeli is committed to maintain the quality of the air in the surrounding of the Municipality of Drenas, through monitoring emissions, and keeping the community properly informed about our environment.

We are witness a modernization of all filters (cleaning systems) in the plant and this way Ferronikeli complies with international and national standards regarding the protection of the environment.