Supports The Project On The Education Field

With the beginning of the new academic year 2019/2020, Newco Ferronikeli has donated school bags equipped with school supplies to the elementary school students in the region of Drenas and Skenderaj.

This donation was done in collaboration with the municipality of Drenas and Islamic Relief Association. Ferronikeli congratulates all pupils and students for the new year at school, especially the 1st grade students that are attending school for the first time.

On this occasion, the Director of Education department in Municipality of Drenas, Mr. Tafil Halilaj, has congratulated everyone for the start of new academic year, and thanked NewCo Ferronikeli Company for their 10th year of collaboration on supporting students of the region with school supplies.

CSR projects include different areas and sectors of society. But the main objective of the company is the welfare of Drenas community where we operate through our main partner - Municipality of Drenas.

Supported Educational Initiatives

On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, NewCo Ferronikeli in Drenas has donated 300 school bags equipped with school supplies for orphan children and those with poor economic conditions.

It has become a traditional activity for the community of drenas and its surroundings.

Children came from elementary school “Xheve Lladrovci” and other primary schools and high schools in the region of Drenas, Skenderaj and further.

NewCo Ferronikeli during this year continued its ongoing support of different schools of Kosova by donating various equipments to the chemistry laboratories of schools.

Among the beneficiaries were students of primary and lower secondary school "Azem Bejta", high school “Halil Bajraktari” and elementary school “Xhevë Lladrovci”.

Representatives of this school are very satisfied with this donation, since they will enable the students to learn more from the practical work, in the relevant subjects.

Signed Commitment Against Child Labour

NewCo Ferronikeli as a member of Kosovo CSR Network signed the commitment against child labour and exploitation by businesses.

A conference was held for the inclusion of human rights in the business, which became the publication of the Roadmap for Integration of CSR Europe Human Rights in the key functions of the Company.

 During the conference all businesses and organizations present signed the commitment against child labour and exploitation, including the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, and Ambassador of Norway in Kosovo.

The roadmap of CSR Europe for Integration of Human Rights the Company's key functions was distributed to all business companies.

This document is a publication of CSR Europe, based on the experiences and best practices of inclusion of human rights in corporate business from some of the global leaders.

Business companies and trade union representatives welcomed the publication of the Roadmap and European experiences contained in this document, and offered their full support to the inclusion of human rights in business.

Business Development for Those with Special

NewCo Ferronikeli joined the initiative Job Growth for People with special needs, with its motto:”Together we work better”. This initiative resulted in the employment of initially 15 people with special needs within the first month.

NewCo Ferronikeli as a member of Kosovo CSR Network employed two people with special needs. This project was initiated by the Kosovo CSR Network in partnership with its members and many stakeholders, such as Rugova Corporation, as the originator of this project, the Forum of People with Special needs, Republika Communications Company, Kosovo Government, American Chamber of Commerce, and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and many additional businesses companies.

NewCo Ferronikeli is a proud member of Kosovo CSR Network. With this initiative businesses companies and all partners have proven that with proper guidance can contribute to society with concrete results. The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Jahjaga, which with strongly supported this initiative. Kosovo's President, Mrs. Jahjaga during her impressive speech said: "The realization of this initiative is directly related to build an inclusive society, where every citizen is guaranteed equal rights.

The right to work is part of fundamental human rights, which every citizen of Kosovo has guaranteed by applicable laws, the Constitution of the country but also with international conventions applicable in our country. We as leaders should clearly present our vision for this very important part of society, to engage and work specifically for comprehensiveness, focus on abilities rather than their limitations because only thus will offer us opportunities that we did not have until today.

Let’s overcome prejudices, because by extending our views, and including equally to all, we could talk about a country where every citizen enjoys equal rights and opportunities regardless of differences. From this initiative and this conference, I want to convey the message that each society advanced marking further with the addition of jobs for people with special needs, having even greater benefits while respecting the personal and professional dignity of every citizen.

Today it is time for action, for an independent, comprehensive equal opportunities for everyone, employment opportunities for all, without distinction. " The main purpose is the involvement of businesses operating in Kosovo, including NewCo Ferronikeli in the growth of jobs for people with special needs.

Human Rights

Code of Conduct incorporated by NewCo Ferronikeli Company 

Kosovo CSR Network in partnership with ILO in Kosovo, has strongly promoted the Code of Conduct for businesses through this successful partnership, and encouraged that the main principles of CSR’s work to be engaged in the best practises for the future. NewCo Ferronikeli immediately incorporated the Code of Conduct within its business practices. 

According to the UN Global Compact, CSR Principles of Work, under the CSR are:

Principle 3: Supporting the freedom of association, and the effective recognition of the freedom of the collective agreement;

Principle 4: Support the elimination of forced labour;

Principle 5: Support effective elimination of child labour; and

Principle 6: Support the elimination of discrimination. In this workshop, discussions were held with members of the Kosovo CSR Network, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and representatives of Employers’ Organizations.

Senior Specialist of Employers Activities, from ILO office for CEE, presented the reasonableness of the commitment of businesses against child labour and some opportunities and concrete steps that can be undertaken by enterprises.

In this context it was also discussed numerous examples of business engagements in child protection from work, lessons learned and best practices, with emphasis on unique challenges and opportunities of the businesses operations in the Kosovo context.

NewCo Ferronikeli is among the first members of Kosovo CSR Network.

The Kosovo CSR Network is the first business network established in Kosovo for CSR by distinguished Kosovar and international business leaders who were determined to increase the public’s awareness on CSR and also incorporate CSR best practices into their own companies.

Kosovo CSR Network is a member of the European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Europe), which is another step of the Network to further integrate Kosovar businesses in European structures.

Internship Programs

During this year, NewCo Ferronikeli and the Department of Education of the Municipality of Drenas, have signed two cooperation agreements for internships of students. 

This cooperation agreement is intended to complete the professional practice for students of professional high school "Fehmi Lladrovci" in Drenas. NewCo Ferronikeli management has ensured that such agreements will continue in the future, not only in the education sector, but in general for the benefit of the Drenas community. 

During the student internships at NewCo Ferronikeli NewCo Ferronikeli and Drenas Municipality have an ongoing cooperation in education sector. 

NewCo Ferronikeli staff offered detailed information regarding the work process and general activities of the factory. NewCo Ferronikeli continues to organize lectures and student visits in the respective business areas of metals production and the operation of the company, and hence contributing to the educational process in Kosovo.

Building The Bridge From School To Work

Students were satisfied in general knowledge taken how the company and who were involved in practical work in metal production.

NewCo Ferronikeli continues to organize lectures and student visits in the respective business areas production of metals and on the functioning of company thus contributing to the process Kosovo education.

On regular basis, NewCo Ferronikeli cooperates with University of Mitrovica by receiving in the plant and allowing them to learn about the technological process, the progress that NewCo Ferronikeli has achieved during the last decade in the field of corporate management and its operations, specifically production.

They are continuously being lectured by company experts on company management structure, ongoing investments, environmental projects, and all other public information which are in the interest of the citizens and the general public. NewCo Ferronikeli also receives guest students through summer programs from international Universities, in related areas such as Poland, Finland, etc.

Local Community Development

These are some of the donations implemented by our company: 

- Off-road transportation vehicles for the Agriculture and Forestry Department of Municipality of Drenas; 

- Equipment for start-up business to the formal employees of the corporate; 

- Repair of wastewater and sewage system for the community of Drenas; 

- Firework services during fire incidents for the community of Drenas; 

- Road Construction in the Municipality of Drenas. 

Over the years NewCo Ferronikeli has not only committed itself to socially responsible behavior, but it has also structurally integrated the CSR philosophy in its core values, in its long-term strategy as well as in its everyday operations; thus excelling into a role model of a socially responsible company on national level and wider. This dedication and commitment is reflected in the respective CSR principles as introduced by Kosovo CSR Network, through the actions that NewCo Ferronikeli continuously undertakes in line with its CSR principles. 

The partnership and the coordination with a variety of stakeholders enable setting the priority projects to be implemented for the community needs. This approach has enabled the company to build a strong relationship with the municipality and the local community, to the point that the municipality assists the company in maintaining a direct relationship with the central government. 

With our innovative methodologies we have reached our main CSR Objectives: 

1.Local Community Development; 

 2.Skills Development: internal employees and external contractors and of the community; 

 3.Education and training of its employees and internship schemes for external students; 

 4.Environmental Protection.