Production restarted at the NewCo Ferronikeli plant

26/11/2018 - 14:29

All the technology the NewCo Ferronikeli owns is in a functional condition, as one of the largest exporting companies in Kosovo has successfully resumed production. All the technology the company owns is in a functional state and production was successfully completed after a few weeks of preparation.

As it is well known, "NewCo Ferronikeli Complex LLC", one of the largest mining and metallurgical operators in the Balkans, has recently been acquired by the Balfin Group. In addition to paying unpaid salaries for over 800 factory workers, NewCo Ferronikeli also has 200 associates to whon it secures regular income through its contractors, which increases the number of company associates to over 1,000 people, according to the announcement of sent by NewCo Ferronikeli.

"After investing sufficient funds from the Balfin Group, production at the factory resumed successfully, and the company has planned to undertake strategic and long-term steps to ensure the company's further development and sustainability. In this way, a safe way is guaranteed to turn NewCo Ferronikeli as a strategic producer in Kosovo and as a leader in the global ferronickel industry. Hundreds of contractors are in the process of liquidating unpaid financial obligations, signing agreements, and the first payments are made, while the last remaining creditors are in the process of negotiating their claims, "said the announcement.

After the restart of production, the goal is to increase production capacity, expand the market and increase exports, which will positively affect the economy of the Drenas region and the Kosovo economy in general.