NewCo Ferronikeli part of the Initiative for Job Growth for People with special needs

27/11/2018 - 16:29

NewCo Ferronikeli joined the initiative Job Growth for People with special needs, with its motto:”Together we work better”. This initiative resulted in the employment of initially 15 people with special needs within the first month. NewCo Ferronikeli as a member of Kosovo CSR Network employed two people with special needs.
This project was initiated by the Kosovo CSR Network in partnership with its members and many stakeholders, such as Rugova Corporation, as the originator of this project, the Forum of People with Special needs, Republika Communications Company, Kosovo Government, American Chamber of Commerce, and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and many additional businesses companies. NewCo Ferronikeli is a proud member of Kosovo CSR Network.
With this initiative businesses companies and all partners have proven that with proper guidance can contribute to society with concrete results.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Jahjaga, which with strongly supported this initiative. Kosovo's President, Mrs. Jahjaga during her impressive speech said: "The realization of this initiative is directly related to build an inclusive society, where every citizen is guaranteed equal rights. The right to work is part of fundamental human rights, which every citizen of Kosovo has guaranteed by applicable laws, the Constitution of the country but also with international conventions applicable in our country. We as leaders should clearly present our vision for this very important part of society, to engage and work specifically for comprehensiveness, focus on abilities rather than their limitations because only thus will offer us opportunities that we did not have until today. Let’s overcome prejudices, because by extending our views, and including equally to all, we could talk about a country where every citizen enjoys equal rights and opportunities regardless of differences. From this initiative and this conference, I want to convey the message that each society advanced marking further with the addition of jobs for people with special needs, having even greater benefits while respecting the personal and professional dignity of every citizen. Today it is time for action, for an independent, comprehensive equal opportunities for everyone, employment opportunities for all, without distinction. "

The main purpose is the involvement of businesses operating in Kosovo, including NewCo Ferronikeli in the growth of jobs for people with special needs.