27/11/2018 - 16:14

These are some of the donations implemented by our company:

- Off-road transportation vehicles for the Agriculture and Forestry Department of Municipality of Drenas;
- Equipment for start-up business to the formal employees of the corporate;
- Repair of wastewater and sewage system for the community of Drenas;
- Firework services during fire incidents for the community of Drenas;
- Road Construction in the Municipality of Drenas.

Over the years NewCo Ferronikeli has not only committed itself to socially responsible behavior, but it has also structurally integrated the CSR philosophy in its core values, in its long-term strategy as well as in its everyday operations; thus excelling into a role model of a socially responsible company on national level and wider. This dedication and commitment is reflected in the respective CSR principles as introduced by Kosovo CSR Network, through the actions that NewCo Ferronikeli continuously undertakes in line with its CSR principles.

The partnership and the coordination with a variety of stakeholders enable setting the priority projects to be implemented for the community needs. This approach has enabled the company to build a strong relationship with the municipality and the local community, to the point that the municipality assists the company in maintaining a direct relationship with the central government. With our innovative methodologies we have reached our main CSR Objectives:

1.Local Community Development;

2.Skills Development: internal employees and external contractors and of the community;

3.Education and training of its employees and internship schemes for external students;

4.Environmental Protection.


NewCo Ferronikeli - "The First Door Neighbour"

As part of Cunico Resources, NewCo Ferronikeli has become a large component to the overall production rank of the group. Cunico Resources NV (Cunico Resources, Cunico) is an international mining and metals company, specializing in the exploration, mining and manufacture of ferro-nickel. We are the largest ferro-nickel manufacturer in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It has achieved remarkable growth in Kosovo in the past several years and, as a result we enjoy a reputation as a serious, stable and thriving company.
Most importantly, the corporate is consistently the biggest exporter in Kosovo equating to about 35-40% of total exports which contributes greatly to the national budget of the country. The aim is to prolong the life of the local mines, so the company does sourcing of its raw materials from all over the world; mostly from Guatemala. Through these actions, the life of the mines can be extended from 10-15 years to 30 years.

The success of the company has enhanced the sustainability of the company, which has been accomplished by the strong commitment and dedication of all 900 employees and its 250 contractors over the past decade, and has enabled the company to play a significant role in the Kosovo’s economy. Despite the economic recession, NewCo Ferronikeli has invested a considerable amount for improvements on the production facilities and protection of the environment. With the installation of new filters in rotary kilns, the corporate fulfilled a long-term plan of commitments and actions to protect the environment not only in accordance with international standards but also beyond them, thus becoming an "Environmentally Friendly" company.

NewCo Ferronikeli as a certified company with ISO 9001:2008 standards regarding the “quality control” and with ISO 14001:2004 standards regarding the “environment” succeeded to pass convincingly the auditing procedure without having any non-conform